Embajada en Guatemala

Technical /Professional /Artist

1. Valid passport for at least 6 months.

2. Proof of legal status in Guatemala or Belize. Please provide original documents plus copies.

3. Visa application completed in full and signed in original by applicant.

4. 1 recent passport style photograph.

5. Letter of invitation from the host organization or business in Argentina inviting the applicant and confirming the purpose of your trip, duration of the visit, full name, addresses and telephone numbers of all businesses and persons you will contact in Argentina. The letter must be written in Spanish, on organization/company letter-head paper and duly signed by the person in charge and certified by an Argentine Notary Public and then by the "Colegio de Escribanos"
Important: The signature of the authority of the company or inviting organization in Argentina must be registered at the "Registro Nacional Unico de Requirentes de Extranjeros" (RENURE) of the "Direccion Nacional de Migraciones" (Immigration Authority)
The company or agency inviting foreign citizens to Argentina, should indicate in the invitation the registration number of the company or agency in the RENURE or the card number of the legal representative, in order to see if enabled or not by RENURE.

Companies or organizations in Argentina that are not registered at the RENURE must contact the RENURE at the folowing contact phone: 4317-0200/0303/0263.

6. Letter from your employer in Guatemala or Belize. confirming the purpose and duration of your trip, full names, addresses and telephone numbers of all businesses and persons you will contact in Argentina, and whether your employer assumes moral and financial responsibility while you are in Argentina. If you own the business, please add a copy of your business’ official registration and last tax return including the check providing the corresponding payment. The letter must be original (no photocopies or faxes will be accepted), written in or translated into Spanish, on company letter-head paper, signed by the person in charge, (other than the applicant), notarized, and the notary public's signature certified by the County Clerk or Consulate certification.

7. Itinerary: roundtrip flight ticket.

8. Evidence of funds: credit card and bank statements of the last six months, certified by the bank. Please provide original documents plus copies.

9. Hotel reservation in Argentina: either guaranteed by a credit card or paid in full.

10. Fee: US$ 100 (free for Morocco nationals). Fees shall be paid by bank deposite. We do not accept cash or checks.