Embajada en Guatemala

Private Income/Retiree Visa

Where to apply for a visa

You may apply at our offices if your place of habitual residence.

Requirements for private income/retiree visa applicants

This visa is designed for those wishing to spend their retirement in Argentina and has the following requirements:

(1) Passport: must be valid for 1 year from the intended date of entry and have at least one completely free page left for the visa.

(2) A completed application form: all questions must be answered. Download form

(3) 6 recent passport style photographs

(4) Evidence of your immigration status in Guatemala/Belize: (if not a national of these countries) i.e. a valid visa. Please provide original documents plus copies.

(5) Evidence of income: letter from the Social Security Administration, a pension’s fund or a bank indicating your monthly income. A minimum of $ 2,500 pesos argentinos (or its equivalent in U.S. dollars) per visa applicant (principal and dependants) per month is required. Ask the Consulate for applicable exchange rate. Letters must be written on official letterhead paper, duly signed by the person in charge and notarized.

(6) Birth certificate: must include your parents’ names (ask for “long form” when applying for the birth certificate). Only certificates issued by a governmental authority are acceptable.

(7) Marriage certificate: (if applicable) only certificates issued by a governmental authority are acceptable.

(8) Police records: issued by the local police department certifying that you have no arrests or convictions. If you lived in more than one town or city during the last five years, you must present a police record for each place of residence. Police records must be written on official letterhead paper and duly signed by the police officer in charge. Unless otherwise stated, police records expire after 60 days of issuance. Police records that have already expired at the date you submit your application, will not be accepted. Should an arrest or conviction appear on your police records certificate, the approval by the Argentine immigration authority will be necessary to issue the visa. An additional detailed report may be also required. We will contact you within 5 business days to inform you of the final decision.

(9) No-national/international criminal records affidavit: may be completed in advance; however, it must be signed by you in person at the Consulate before a visa agent. 

(10) Fees: US$ 200 processing fee.

Requirements for dependants of a private income/retiree visa applicants

If the private income/retiree visa applicant is moving to Argentina with his/her spouse, he or she must produce the following materials, completed, signed, authenticated and translated as necessary:

(1) Passport.

(2) Application form.

(3) 6 photographs.

(4) Evidence of immigration status in the U.S.

(5) Birth certificate.

(7) Police records.

(8) Affidavit.

(9) Fees: US$ 200 processing fee.

Processing information

All visa applicants (principal and dependant) are required to come in person to our offices for a personal interview and in order to sign additional forms and have your fingerprints taken.

Applications submitted by mail are not acceptable.

Applications should be submitted no later than 1 month prior to the intended date of entry into Argentina to avoid inconveniences.

Applications are generally processed within 5 business days of receipt. However, nationals of some countries may be subject to a waiting period of up to 3 weeks. Failure to provide any of the materials and information requested may also delay the processing of your application.

Although we make every effort to meet your travel plans, you are strongly advised not to make travel arrangements until you receive your passport with the stamped visa. In accordance with the relevant law of the Argentine Republic and the international practice, the Consul is entitled to refuse the visa.

Authentication and translation of application materials

Evidence of income letter/s, birth and marriage certificates and police records (belonging to the principal and dependant when required) must be authenticated by the “Apostille”. Should the country where documents originate not follow the Hague Legalization Convention, you will have to send the documents to the Argentine consulate in that country for authentication. 

All documents must also be translated into Spanish by a recognized translator or translation agency, and be accompanied by a “certification of accuracy” (a signed statement by the translator that the attached translation into Spanish is true and correct). No translation is necessary for documents written in Portuguese when the applicant holds Brazilian or Chilean nationality and applies for a visa as such. No authentication of translations by a notary public or the “Apostille” is needed. All documents and translations must be original (no photocopies or faxes will be accepted).